What’s a Multi-Niche Site? Should I Have One?

When starting a blog or a website, we automatically assume that we need to find a specific niche, and to focus on that when it comes to everything related to the site. Slowly over time, I soon came to realize that that’s not necessarily the case. When I stated this blog, I didn’t like the idea of “trying to find a niche”. It actually frustrated me with the idea of settling on just one thing. Before I delve into discussing a multi-niche site, for those who do not know what a niche is, I’ll explain very briefly. A niche is a specific topic or “keyword” used by a blog or website to define the information they are giving or sharing. This specific topic or keyword draws the attention of those interested in that particular topic or keyword. The readers seek more information on that subject and go to that site or blog to get it. Some niches are more popular than others. Examples of niche blogs are: Health, Fitness, Relationships, Food, Travel, Finances, Technology, or even Celebrity and Entertainment. There are vast other topics that one can choose from.
Why did I choose to have a multi-niche site?
I feel that I have much to say to the world, and I would hate to believe that I had to have multiple blogs to get my word across for each subject. I like being different and thinking outside of the box, and that’s why I decided to settle on a multi-niche blog. And guess what? There is absolutely nothing wrong with that! I feel that if I chose a specific niche, then I would be restricting myself to only one thing- and I hate feeling restricted. I want to be able to talk about what I want, when I want-to write what’s on my mind. Like an online journal that other people can read. To give others information while being able to get things off my chest-that is my goal. So, if your goal is similar to that, then having a multi-niche blog may be okay for you.

Some may ask themselves, is it better to have multiple blogs, each with a different niche? Or should I have one blog with multiple niches? There are many pros and cons to having a multi-niche blog, but I’ll just go over a few.


Diversity. Hard to run out of topic ideas. The possibilities are endless, thus, it’s less likely that you (and hopefully the reader) will get bored. Some people can handle providing multiple topics all within one blog. It challenges and excites them knowing the possibilities. Yet there are some who, if they were to have a multi-niche site, will quickly become overwhelmed with the diversity and prefer to stick to just one topic. Everyone is different. Just find what works best for you.

More personal exposure. Covering various topics and links can help you reach people from many different walks of life. The vast topics used allows a blogger to reach a broader audience. The different niches can be seen as puzzle pieces that come together to form a picture. The picture that is created is the mind of the blogger- inside their own thoughts. So in the end, people connect with the blogger, as a person, from learning the many aspects of their thinking. More people can feel they connect with you.


Can be difficult to monetize. Having multiple niches can make it tricky when trying to monetize your blog with ads. You may find yourself wondering which should go on which page…or whether or not a particular banner matches the topic of a certain article.

Low search engine exposure. It may be difficult for your website to come up in searches if your article covers so many different topics. However, although difficult, it is still possible to land on Google searches if awesome SEO is applied.

May confuse your readers. This may or may not be an issue for some. If you can find a way to connect niches, this can help clear up confusion. In other words, connecting, or sort of “weaving” together various topics in a way that it makes more sense to readers. When a blogger has only one niche, the reader interested in that particular topic, will more than likely return to gain more information on that particular topic. A person with a multi-blog site can still achieve this, but they will have to find a way connect the different niche articles together somehow. Unless, of course, your readers are also interested in you as a person.

There are several success multi-topic websites out there, HelloGiggles, being a well-known one. It should not matter how much money that you are making, as long as you enjoy what you are doing. There are people who do not have a website, but they make more passive income than those who actually do have a website. Believing that you cannot make money from a multi-niche website is a false assumption. If your content is unique, then people will notice you. If the pieces of the puzzle fit together, then the picture will be seen in the end.

In conclusion, is it okay to have a multi-niche website? Sure, it is. But keep in mind all the efforts it will take to maintain it. If monetizing your website or blog isn’t your first choice, then you most likely wouldn’t mind having a multi-niche site. Ultimately, I don’t think having a single or multi-niche blog really matters. Fulfilling your dream is what really matters in the end. Until next time, guys!


2 thoughts on “What’s a Multi-Niche Site? Should I Have One?”

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    I’ve always found multi-niche websites to be the most difficult to market and monetize. While they have their benefits, it’s always been hard for me to build an ideal target audience and monetize directly to specific marketers. Readers looking for specific topics can easily become confused when they start seeing articles that to them are irrelevant.

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      Yes, there’s definitely pros and cons to it having a multi-niche site. Overall, it just boils down to what makes the writer happy. In the future, I will see about having another website with its own niche. For now, with this one blog and a full-time job, this seems enough to handle! lol. Thanks for your comment!😊

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