Best Ad Networks For New Websites (My Personal Experience)


Not too long ago, in the month of January, I started this blog. Therefore as of writing this post, I am still considered a new blog. Since then, I have discovered the best ad networks for new websites. One of the challenges to having a new blog is finding a suitable ad network. One that will accept you, even with low traffic.

A couple of weeks after launching Virgo Girl Rising, I scoured the net looking for a list of ad networks which provide open arms to newbie blogs, such as mine. I read countless of articles and compiled a list of the networks that I would like to try. Being a new blog, I knew it wouldn’t be easy.

Around the time I applied for these ad networks, I had roughly 2-4 posts and about 20-50 visits per day. Traffic improved quickly for me at the same time, however.

Based on what other publishers were saying in their articles, there are several ad networks available for new publishers. However, I quickly learned a valuable lesson. Just because an ad network welcomes new sites, doesn’t mean they welcome all new sites. What if a websites is talking about hatred, hurting others and starting wars? I highly doubt an ad network would work with a publisher that displays such information. Unless, of course, they support this behavior.

Below is a list of ad networks which, according to many publishers, are the best ad networks for low traffic sites. I have included my experience with them so that you can see that the reviews you are reading is not always what they are cracked up to be.

Ad Network Denials

Adnow. When I applied, I waited days for a response. When I noticed that the majority of reviews says they got accepted in the same day or not too long after they applied, I e-mailed them. They claimed I got denied due to “inappropriate content”. They further explained that I have to take down the content to be considered. I didn’t know what inappropriate content they were referring to.

I thought maybe it was my picture in my About section. Either way, it is my picture and I didn’t consider it inappropriate at all. I kindly replied and asked to explain what is inappropriate. They completely changed their response then said that I was denied for “not enough content”- bullshit. To be as unprofessional as to not even give me a deny or approval response, then to say my content is inappropriate, then you say I don’t have enough content. B-S.

MGID. Not enough content. Not enough content. This was also after I gave in my social security number and payment details.

Infolinks. Not enough content. To be honest with you, I find Infolinks ads quite annoying, anyway.

Media.Net. Not enough Content.


Ad Network Acceptances

Propeller Ads. Fast approval. This was one of the main ad networks I wanted. Although onlick and interstitial ads are annoying, it was alleged that Propeller Ads onlclick and interstitial fetch huge earnings- even with a new website. After getting accepted the same day, I headed over to their website. Unfortunately, No banner ads were available. This meant all I could choose was the onlclick and/or the interstitial. I quickly added both and was upset with the results after a few days.

They were not counting all my impressions (and I was beginning to get more visitors around that time). Even with low traffic I expected a cpm for onlclick to be atleast $4-5$. I contacted them via e-mail. Their response was that the majority of my visitors were using ad-block browsers, and others  are closing ads before they are shown. In case you don’t know, Propeller ads also offer an anti-ad block type of code. Basically if your visitors have ad block, your anti-ad block code with “override” their ad-block. Anti-Adblock code by Propeller Ads doesn’t work all of the time.

Secondly, I was quite surprised to see the looks of the interstitial and the onclick ads. Below is an example of an interstitial and an onlick ad that popped up on my friend’s phone when she entered my site.

Propeller ads onclick

Propeller ads Interstitial









They are spammy looking.

My friend even got one that asked if you were human or not, and if you clicked yes, then another pop up comes up asking you to download something. This is ugly to me and no one should have to see that. And guess what? My friend’s impressions were not counted by Propeller Ads. She visited my site with no ad-block and she read my articles. I decided to take Propeller Ads down until things improve.

Ayboll. Fast Approval. Native ads look spammy. Decided to hold off on them for now.

Clicksor. Fast approval. I have been mostly using their CPM graphic ads(no pop under or interstitial yet, as of writing this). My CPM rate is slightly below the 20 cents they claim to pay, but I will keep them until I find something better. I will give a future update on how things are going with them.

Chitika. Fast approval. CPM is very low, however. Affiliate. Fast approval.

AdClickMedia. Fast approval. However, their codes are not working on my site even though my site is approved by them. I have emailed them over 3 days ago regarding this and still have not received a response.

RevenueHits. Fast approval. Don’t have much to say about this so far. Haven’t really used it. Will report back, if necessary.


In Conclusion

Not everything that glitters is gold. Just because an ad network accepts a lot of new sites, doesn’t mean that they will accept yours. On the other hand, if you do get accepted, it doesn’t mean that you will make a lot of money or that the ads you will be given will be of good quality. If any of you know what other ad networks I can try, then please feel free to let me know.

Until next time guys!

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