Chitika Review 2017- Earnings Proof. Low CPM?!

This is a Chitika ads review with earnings proof. Chitika ads is a CPC/CPM ad network. It was founded in 2003. Their headquarters is located in Massachusetts, U.S.A. with offices also in India. They have a minimum payout of just $10.

According to Chitika’s About section of their website,

“Chitika (pronounced Chih-tih-ka) means “snap of the fingers”, in Telugu (a South Indian Language), and represents the speed at which Chitika online ads display on a website.”

If you were not aware, I have applied to several ad networks as a new site, and Chitika was one of the few who accepted me.

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It is easy for a new blog or website to be accepted by Chitika. They carry several ad formats. They currently are:

550X250 Mega-Unit (recommended)

Chitika Review

300X250 Rectangle

Chitika Banner Ad

728X90 Leaderboard

Chitika banner ad


160X600 Wide Skyscraper

Chitika Review

300X600 Half Page Banner

Chitika Review

320X50 Mobile Banner

Chitika CPM earnings


If you are not into using codes and you have WordPress, then you can use the Chitika WordPress Plugin to place the ads instead.

Before signing up with Chitika, I looked up various reviews by other publishers. The reviews were mixed. I applied and got accepted the same day. Fast approval.

Although many reviews claimed Chitika paid cpc and only for organic traffic, I didn’t experience this.

The time that I ran Chitika on my blog, the revenue was based on CPM and not CPC. The impressions were also counted even if the visitors were not organic. They didn’t show any click counts on my dashboard.

I placed the maximum (3 banners) on multiples pages(and even on post pages). I decided to leave the mobile ads off.

I ran Chitika for about two weeks and wasn’t too happy with the results. Here is a shot of the entire time I ran Chitika:

Chitika Review


I only made $0.0899 with 4,149 impressions. Although I ran the ads for a short period of time, it didn’t take me long to see that a CPM of 2 cents is just too low – even for a new blog. At the rate at which things were going, It would take me a very long time to get a $10 payout. I don’t know if being a new site matters as much. If a person got a million impressions a day and their CPM stayed at 2 cents, it would still be a waste of time.

I removed Chitika for now and have decided to use Clicksor.

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I intend on making a separate Clicksor review and will keep you guys updated.

Chitika Pros

Fast approval

Easy Ad Placement

Low Payout of $10

Chitika Cons

Low earnings

In Conclusion

Chitika offers fast approval for new websites and I found placing the ads to be a simple and painless process. On the other hand, due to the low earnings, I didn’t feel I should keep it on my site for now.

If anyone out there experienced the same thing, then please feel free to share.

What was your CPM/CPC rate? Are you happy with Chitika?

If you are a new blog, then chances are Chitika will accept you. Just don’t expect to make tons of money with them.

Alright, guys- until next time!


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    Hi, I just added chitika to my site and got my first earnings report with a very low CPM as you described. I saw on different forums that you should leave the ads running for a couple of days so “it can learn from your traffic” but it seems like you ran the ads for more than that and still got bad results. To answer your questions: I am not happy with chitika, got a $0.0047 CPM on a 50k unique visitors/month site, if anyone is reading this and considering using them please don’t waste your time.

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