Chitika Vs Clicksor

This is a brief explanation of my results running both Chitika and Clicksor on my site at the same time. At times it can be difficult to decide on which is the best ad network for new publishers. I thought it would be fun to compare and contrast them.

I also have a full separate review on Chitika.

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I ran the max(3 banners) on pages and post. Both CPM. Below is a snippet comparison for 1 full week, 03/14/17-03/20/17.


Chitika Review



Clicksor Review

As you can see, in 7 days, I made $0.0523 with Chitika and $0.303318 with Clicksor. The number of impressions counted by the two were very similar. The big difference was the CPM rate.

I have since decided to go along with Clicksor and have taken Chitika down for the time being. Thanks for reading!

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